Honda Accord sulking?

I have a 92 Accord Aerodeck 2.2 manual (Australian registered).

Around three times in the last month I have been driving along, nothing unusual. Instantly the engine stops firing completely, it continues to turn. More puzzling, the instrument lights all go out and the rev counter and speedo go to zero. Note the engine is still turning as the car is still rolling in gear. The headlights still work.

Around 30 seconds later, everything comes back on line as though nothing has happened. I noticed the last time that just as the engine restarted and the gauges started to work again the warning lights for all five doors came on briefly before all going out again.

Since this only happens once every few weeks there is no hope of getting a garage to find a fault.

No warning lights are set on even intermittently, and the rest of the time the car hehaves perfectly normally.

You have a faulty electrical connection somewhere. Start looking for loose, dirty, or corroded connections, including ground connections.

Another possibility is a bad ignition switch, but check the major electrical connections first.

The fact that the headlights still work makes me think “ignition switch,” since the lights are independent of the ignition.

Do the instrument panel lights stay on?