2012 Honda Accord Electrical problems!

Hello, I drove around executing my Saturday miscellany and had no problems with my car. I had evening plans, and the car kinda started freaking out! When I got in the car to leave, the windshield wipers starting “wiping”… I shrugged, turned the car off, and back on… it wiped a few more times then stopped. Driving to the destination (I was almost there), the car then started to flash between “regular” mode lights, running lamps and BRIGHTS! Assuming it would eventually stop acting up/out and realizing I needed some cash. I pulled into a store (no-fee ATM card) and figured a) yay! cash and b) hope the car gets better by the time I get back. Exiting the car, I removed the keys (of course) and the noticed of “keys in ignition” sound blaring… I shrugged once again, and went to the ATM machine, it was down, lol. As I walked back to my car, I watched as the lights cycled on and off… I figured, time to go home. Driving home, the wipers continued cycle on and off and eventually sprayed out all of the wiper fluid (it was full) and the lights kept cycling on/off. What in the heck is wrong?!

A 2012 should be under full warranty so bring it to the dealer as soon as possible.

Most likely there’s an electrical short somewhere in your steering column.

Sounds like this Honda has come down with a bad case of Lucas.

lol, totally Lucas!! car is a lease (first ever) and will be sent to the shop Monday!

If the engine was running and had problems I would tend to think the alternator is putting out excessive AC ripple voltage but things are happening while it is shut off then that can’t be the case. If there is something like a body control module controlling those things then it might be causing the trouble. The shop should be able to find the trouble without much fuss.

When lights turn on and off like like, it is often due to a short circuit somewhere. A wire has come loose or the insulation has been damaged,. allowing current to flow where it shouldn’t. There is probably a circuit breaker involved which is protecting the wires from overheating. It detects the overcurrent problem, shuts down the light circuit, then it cools off, and turns the circuit back on, but the short is still there, so as soon as it turns the circuit back on, it detects the overcurrent again, and again turns off the circuit. You end up with lights which repeatedly turn on and off for no reason.

The most likely places this occur are where wires are repeatedly bent, so expect circuits associated with the doors, and those w/the steering wheel. As mentioned above, in your case it is more likely to be one associated with the steering wheel, as the light switches are in that area. In which case you’ll need a good mechanic to take it apart and see what is wrong. But there is an off chance it has to do with the door, so one thing you could do is inspect the wiring where it goes from the body into the doors there by the hinge area. Look in that area at all four doors for any signs of wire insulation or breakage problems.