Please help Honda Accord 1999


I have been struggling my car for the last couple of months. The problem is that when I drive my car at 60 miles p/h it switches of, I will see all the lights, i.e., the key light (green) the rest are the red lights i.e, the doors, the engine check etc just like when you start off the care or start on the care the regular lights you see. But the car doesn’t die, it just switches off and restarts automatically and continues. This happens very rare, once in a month may be. Other times when I am driving at a lower speed like 25, 30 and 40, it switches off and dies, then I stop and restart just fine. I took it to 2-3 places, except Honda dealer. I have done full tune ups, and one place told me they found something that was causing the car to die and they had fixed and they put it new parts, it helped for like a month and now I have the same problem again. I think there could be electric problem, there could be alternator problem or problem with a key, I am not really sure I just need help or ideas as to what the heck is going on, this is giving me more stress as I already spend more than $600 so far. Please help me. Thanks


just a q 4 u.
do you have a whole bunch of keys on your key chain?

if so the lock may be shot. they dont like ot have a wad of keys hanging from them.

does this happen when you wiggle the key, when the enigne is on?


Yes i do have other keys about 9 other keys. Sometimes when I wiggle it strats and it switches off right away. So do u think this might be the problem.