Car sort of "dies" while driving!

I have a 1991 Honda Accord, and almost always when I either take my foot off the gas, or press the break, or when the car just changes gears (I have an automatic), everything just stops for a few seconds. The radio or Ipod will turn off, the antenna will go down, my headlights will flicker, the windows will stop rolling, etc. It’s almost as if there is a short or something that makes it a challenge for the car to handle more than one task at a time. Any ideas what this could be?

Sounds like it may be a bad ignition switch. Just an idea.

Also check the ground strap from the body to the engine.

I go with checking for bad ignition switch. If your key chain is swinging when you brake or slow down, that’s enough to break the circuit on a worn or broken switch. Try driving with just the key itself and nothing extra swinging below.