They can't figure out whats wrong! please help!

I have a 2001 Honda Accord. It is a manuel 5 speed.As I drive at speratic moments my radio will shut off, my odometers drop to zero and my SRS light comes on. It lasts for literally a second and then returns to normal but my whole dashboard looks as though I have just turned back on the car while driving. The mechanic thought it was the ignition switch but we replaced that and I am still having the problem. They told me because it is so quick and then returns to normal its hard to tell what part is giving out! It appears that the car isn’t loosing power as this happens, but I mostly drive highways and am concerned for my safety! Any thoughts on what I can do from here? I am taking the car back to the garage for them to work on it some more since I paid for the switch that clearly wasn’t the issue.

Just to clarify something, what part of the switch did they replace; the electrical or the key/tumbler? It should be the electrical part but I’m just making sure we’re on the same page here.

Yes it was the electical component.

I won’t hurt to have the battery connections on the battery and at the other end where the cables connect to the motor and ground removed and completely cleaned. A connector somewhere is loose or corroded and this is a good place to start.

And check the ground connection for the dashboard.

Do you plan on continuing to pay for this diagnosis?

The mechanic may have been pretty close in changing the ignition switch and was a logical choice. After looking at some service data I suggest you have him check the power wiring before the switch. Fuse 42 (50Amp) in the panel under the hood ties to a white wire that runs to the dash fuse panel. There is a jumper connection in the panel that ties the white wire to other places. I suggest checking that area for the trouble. It seems to be a common feed source to the areas you mention are having signs of trouble along with others.

I had already paid for the ignition switch, and since that wasnt it, they said they would do their best to fix it. They had it a full day this week and I am taking in back in tomorrow and havent paid another dime.

I tried to pull up a wiring schematic from the AZ site and got the normal response; balky and frozen graphics.

The shop that changed the switch had a legitimate reason to do so based on the symptoms and the history of switch problems with Hondas.
Just food for thought, but it could be possible that the new switch may have been a used one. I mention this because on several occasions I’ve gotten used parts from AZ that were sold as new. One of these was an ignition switch for my daughter’s Mitsubishi.

I’m not blaming AZ because a used switch may very well look like a brand new one. In the cases I mentioned, obviously a not so honorable segment of the public chose to keep the new and return the old for cash back. AZ, not knowing or really caring, places it back on the shelf for resale.

If the switch is not the problem then I’m inclined to think it’s one of the main fusible links getting hot and breaking down. Sometimes a visual inspection can determine this and may be apparent by the small wire in the link having a bit of distortion in it and/or a very tiny ball of solder on the end where it’s been overheating. Just wild guesses at this point, sans schematic.

Well I already paid for the ignition switch last Friday. They said that since that wasnt it they were going to do their best to figure out what it was to take of me. I had it in another full day this week and nothing came of it but I havent paid another dime. I am taking it back in tomorrow for two days for them. But I plan on being very clear about what I will be paying for, since I have already paid them and its not fixed…

It does seem to act up when it is warmer outside. During the really cold days it almost never does it, but when its warm it is almost every few min… I dont know if that makes a difference…

It does make a difference and if that is correct it should help them find the trouble easier. Have the shop check the wiring between fuse 42 and the connections it ties to. Especially the jumper wire it ties to in the panel under the dash.

Ok I will for sure do that! Thanks for the help…it is VERY much appreciated!!

You’re welcome for the help. Keep us posted on the progress. If you need more info ‘operators’ are standing by.

haha Thanks!

If the shop did not protect themselves with a “we are not sure but our diagnosis points to the ignition switch,we will replace it but no guarantee” then they deserve to do some free work.

Could you see another 20 unpaid hours in this? I can.

Replace the battery.

I brought in the advice and it seemed to have worked! We will see this week…thanks again for the advice!