Maintenance Light On



This morning when i star my car, ‘maintenance Required’ light on and last month i just did check engine.

Do i have to bring my car to the daeler???or maybe because is the time to change oil (4 month already).

I read owner manual, the light will on every 30k miles.

Can anybody help me please???my car is Honda Accord LX 2000



There is no need to take it to a dealer. However not all shops will know how to turn that light off. I would look around and find a shop that knows something about that model. Also read the instruction book very carefully answer your question.


You don’t have to go to a dealer, but the light is telling you it’s time for some scheduled maintenance. Any mechanic can do the required maintenance work, or you can do it yourself if you’re so inclined.

Just check the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual and see what’s required at the current mileage. Then make an appointment and have the work done.


The CEL light isn’t going to turn on for a oil change or low oil problem. The problem may just be loose gas cap or something more serious. You can have the codes read by any shop that has the proper scanner or code reader for your model car. Places like Autozone can do that for you free also.


But, the OP did not say it was the “check engine” light, he said it was the “maintenance” light. That is usually the reminder to change oil and do other regular maintenance.


You’ll need to consult the “factory service manual” not the owners manual to find the procedure to shut the light off or maybe the service manager will tell you how. On an Acura anyway, there is a reset button under the dash by the steering wheel that is pushed in for 5 seconds to reset the reminder light.