Honda Accord locks by itself


I have a 1995 Accord EX with power locks. It will lock by itself as if I pressed the power lock button. Has anyone seen this before?


The switch on the door lock may be dirty and cause this problem.


Maybe it is supposed to do this. Some cars have an automatic locking feature, and sometimes the owner can re-program the system to his liking. Read the owner’s manual to learn your options about the power locks.


Would be useful to know when it locks itself. Does it do it just sitting in the driveway? When you’re driving down the road? When it’s raining?


I have a 2005 EX that does this. On my car, it is a security feature. If you unlock the car and don’t open the door within about a minute, the doors automatically relock. Check your owner’s manual to see if it is a documented feature. I often unlock the doors and roll down the power windows with my key fob to air the car out. If I go into the trunk for something, I almost always have to unlock the doors again.


O yeah, we had that on out 97 Accord, fortunately it was still under warrantee so the dealer had to fix it for free. Its a known problem for Hondas of our vintage. The problem is in the door lock controller in the drivers door. Its a $200 repair at a dealership.


our 07 Accord.

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I’ll look into it


It’s just sitting there usually after I have locked it. You will hear it click to lock randomly as much as 40 minutes later. Weird


I’ll look into that.


I had a 96 Accord LX with the same problem, it seems to be very common on Hondas of that era. I ‘pulled’ the fuse for the door lock controller, and manually locked/unlocked it. Although slightly less convenient, it was a lot cheaper than parts and labor to replace the lock controller.