2006 Honda Accord Door Lock Problem



For several months the driver’s door will automatically lock when the key is in the ignition and it closes accidentally. It happens most often when I get out of the car to get my mail out of the box and leave the car idling while sitting on a hillside going uphill. This happens more in rainy or cold weather, I think, or else that’s when it is most irritating. When I slam the driver’s door after getting into the car, the four door locks will pop up and then all pop back down together. Is there a ghost in the driver’s door doing this? Whatever, I need help, since I’m tired of getting on my knees to get the spare key from where it is hidden.


Put a spare key in you wallet.
That’s what I’ve done since I locked the key in my car 750 miles from home 28 years ago.


I owned a 97 Accord for nearly 13 years. When I locked the doors, it would cycle between locking and unlocking three to 15 times before it finally stayed locked. Maybe more than 15 since I didn’t stand around and count all day. I learned to live with it since I didn’t want to pay the $100+ to buy a new control box. It would startle some people in a parking lot.


Maybe you should quit slamming the door.


I suspect there is lock switch in the door with dirty contacts that is causing the trouble.


I’d first look at the wiring that runs from the door into the frame and see if there’s any chafing or missing insulation. If that looks fine, I’d probably replace the lock switch next and make sure the wiring running to it is connected tightly.