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Hi its me again same problem still with the plymouth grand voyager

i have looked for blown fuses and i haven’t come across any in my 1996 Plymouth grand voyager se and i have tried using new relays in the fuse and relay box and the mini van still isnt sending spark or telling the fuel injectors to work. so what wires should i start checking to see if they have power and were or what should i do next to solve this conundrum?

If this was mine, I’d take it to a shop or (perhaps in your case) an Autozone for a computer scan to see if there are codes showing. You need a starting point first.

In your original post, I gave you the two fuse numbers to check for power (12 volts) which power these circuits. I, also, told you the color of the wires to check for power (12 Volts). You haven’t used that information, nor a voltmeter, to make those checks. What more can anyone do for you?

You, still, haven’t told us the engine size in your truck/van. The wiring is somewhat different with each engine.

Click on this Web site for the wiring diagrams: You can click on the Fig. for the engine size. Click on the little white box in the right hand corner of the image to enlarge. The figures can be downloaded, printed, and used as a reference in troubleshooting the circuits. You’ll never know until you try.