Starter engages and runs after turning off engine

I have a 1990 plymouth grand voyager

(3.3L v6 engine)

Once in a while, when I turn the engine off,

the starter will engage and start cranking

non-stop. The car doesn’t start because the fuel pump is turned off.

What I do is: Turn the ignition to turn

the fuel pump on, then the car starts.

I can hear what sounds like the starter,

whining, as if it is engaged still.

Next, I disconnect the main power from

the battery, then turn the ignition off.

Someone at a gas station told me that

it’s one of my sensors; pointing

to the row of 4 little rectangular things

that are mounted under the hood, next to the battery. They are encased in metal, and

have wire plugs going into them.

Personally, I have no idea where to start.

If it is one of the little things that he

told me about, then I’d like to find out

which one, and replace it. I want to

avoid taking this car to a mechanic and

spending a lot of money.

So, about when are you going to buy your next car? It may be wise to advance that date to as soon as possible. A calendar, if saved, can last forever; a vehicle will do the same. It will just cost a lot more.

The gas station guy is referring to relays, not sensors, I believe. There’s a black plastic fuse box next to the battery, right? The relays are in there with the fuses, right? Take the lid off the fuse box, turn it upside down, and read the diagram/list of relays and their positions. The 4 relays or however many are identical to each other so find one that runs something non-crucial that you know works (the thing

it’s supposed to power will work); and install that relay where the starter relay goes- according to the diagram/list. If this doesn’t solve the problem post back and hopefully I or someone can maybe come up with some other scenario.

The relays aren’t in the fuse box.
The thing that is a real pain is that none of the relays are written on, so I have no clue as
to what they are for.
I replaced the starter relay (it was only 13 dollars, and it’s oem, so no big deal if it fixes the prob or not).
After purchasing the starter relay, I looked at it and compared it with the relays under the hood.
Only one was identical, so I replaced it.
The problem has occurred 3 times now, so I’ll just have to wait and find out if it has
been resolved. Thanks very much for your input!

I talked to someone at an auto shop today, and he said that it’s the ignition switch.
The cost for the ignition switch for this car is only 18 dollars. What a relief.
Hope it resolves the problem!

Yes, it does sound like an ignition switch if it’s not the relay. Let us knoww what happens and good luck.