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i have a 1996 plymouth voyger caravan and everytime i start it the engine fuse blows why is that and somtimes it stalls while im driving its the 20 amp fuse can u help do i have a short some where just cant find it please help

Can you tells us more about what is protected by this fuse and is it possible someone drilled a hole in a wire or somehow damaged the wiring harness. In short give every bit of info about the situation as possible.

it blows everytime u put the key car in start postion it blows somtimes u put a fuse in it will last a few months somtimes it blows out right away

You are not getting it we/I need a lot more information to help you.

like wut its a short somwhere we just dont know where it blows a engin fuse when u put the key in the start pstion there nothing else to decribe are u a mechanic i am too but im not understanbding you

Sorry but I am gone.

You need something like this electrical short finder: A wiring diagram of what is called “Power Distribution”, for your vehicle would help, much. The librarian at your public library can help you to go to (library subscription) for the wiring diagrams. The Chilton’s, or Haynes, repair manual is another great source. n