Plymouth Van won't start

I have a 2000 2.4L Plymouth Voyager, it won’t start. The fuel rail fills and has pressure, but there is no spark. I have replaced the coil & the ECU. The engine turns over nicely but just won’t start.

I have checked all the fuses, I have tried swapping the relays around to see if maybe I had a bad one, but that didn’t help either.

Things that could cause no spark is the ECU not reading Crankshaft, or camshaft sensor. Any fault codes in ECU? Also broken TIMING BELT will cause a no spark condition luckily I think this is a non interference engine if that’s the case.

I am reminded of a story a fellow worker told me nearly 20 years ago, Americar. His daughter had an old car, old enough they got offers to buy it. One day she called him and said it had died, and she couldn’t get it started. He had it towed to a mechanic, who said the timing chain/belt (I know the difference, just can’t remember which it was) had broken and would be expensive to fix. He offered to buy it, though.

Steve said he wanted to try to fix it. So, he paid to have it towed home. He went out and bought all the parts the manual said he needed. He was not looking forward to the job. As he stood there with the hood up, he had a thought. He took off the distributor, and had his wife hit the starter. The rotor turned.

He bought a can of gas and poured it in the tank, and his daughter drove the car to school the next day.

This tale is not relevant to OP’s problem, I just remembered it while reading your suggestion.