1991 Plymouth Grand Voyager intermittent fuel problem

I have a 1991 Grand Voyager 3.3liter AWD minivan. It only has 80k original miles on it. It works totally fine sometimes, and then for no apparent reason, begins to lose power, as if it’s not getting fuel. I can put my foot into the accelerator hard and it will likely correct itself in a few miles. If the cruise control is on, it will lose power…then regain it…then lose it…and so on, for many miles. The problem does not happen every time I drive, but most times. I have changed the fuel pump twice. each time it seemed fixed, but then the problem comes back. Most recently, It quit altogether, and I had to be towed home. I can start it now with starting fluid, but i suspect the fuel pump is out again. Another strange aspect of the problem is that this is my 2nd 1991 voyager, and the first had the same identical problems. I use it as a delivery van, and need to get it reliable…I’ve considered the ASD relay, or the fuel pump relay. I changed the fuel filter today to no avail. It currently won’t start without ether. I’ve considered the possibility of demonic possession. I’ve considered taking out on the back forty and putting a bullet in it’s brain. Help!!!

Any check engine lights? And could you stop by auto whatever and see if there are any stored codes?

Barky has a good point. Do that first, if that van has some sort of diagnostics port.
You can rent/borrow fuel pressure gauge set from place like Advance Auto. I’d measure your fuel pressure before you decide to do anything else.

Do you mean you changed the fuel pump without changing the fuel filter?

No, filter was changed each time. Barky…Never a check engine light. I will check fuel pressure tomorrow. Thanks.