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I have a problem with my 1998 plymouth grand voyager se

i have a problem with my 1998 plymouth grand voyager se. the problem that i am having is that it wont start and i have checked the spark plugs and i am not getting any spark to any of the spark plugs and another wierd thing is that the fuel injecters are not injecting fuel when i try to start to the car could the OBII have can bad or the ecu ?

It could be a defective ASD relay or the control circuit for the ASD relay. Start by checking for blown fuses.

Swap the ASD relay (in the relay box under the hood) with the horn relay. They are the same kind of relay. Check fuse #17, as it provides power to the ASD relay. Fuse #16 provides power for the fuel pump. Engine computers (ecu) almost never go bad. Your ecu is fine.
You could have an electrician (or, mechanic) check for ASD relay output power on the dark green/orange wire (12 volts) with ignition key in START and engine cranking.