I have heard that this 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen is more than water. That with a glass jar, baking soda and some basic chemistry you can increase gass milage in your car.

A friend of mine did this in his 93 Chevy truck and doubled his milage. Will this work on 03 Saturns? If this is so easy to do with some utube lessons why isn’t this taken off in a much bigger way?


No, it won’t work for '03 Saturns.

It doesn’t work for '93 Chevy trucks either, but that is an issue between you and your friend.


It’s a scam. Pure and simple.

It takes energy to seperate the hydrogen from the oxygen in water. It isn’t that simple.

I’m also not an advocate of messing with the mix of the gasoline unless you thoroughly understand and are will to accept the risks of messing with the gasoline’s volatility. You could easily do damage to an engine. Kids that hook up N2O, nitrous oxide, to blow into their intake stream dramatically increase the amount of energy created in the burn…and blow holes in pistons, break connecting rods, break drivetrain components…they know the risks and are willing to accept them. Or they learn quickly. The hard way.

Try this if you insist. And good luck.


The disclaimer on your web site says it all:

By using this product I understand that in no event shall Eaton Laboratory, or any persons affiliated with Eaton Laboratory including it’s supplier be liable for consequential damages, nor shall liability on any claim for damages arising out of or be connected with the sale, delivery, use or misuse of any products or information purchased from Eaton Laboratory. I, my successors and assigns, agree to hold Eaton Laboratory, and all persons affiliated in any way with Eaton Laboratory harmless from and will indemnify seller from damages caused by the use or misuse of the products purchased, or otherwise obtained. Use includes, but is not limited to use by myself or by any person(s) obtaining said products from me in any way.

If you really believed in this product, shouldn’t it come with a guarantee instead of a disclaimer?


Tell me, what is Eaton Labs?
What kind of research facilities do you have?
What’s your core technology?
Do you have (or are you) a credentialed chemist, engineer, or scientist?


Ignorant people are fun too