Water Fuel Kits

I’ve just begun to research the sudden surge in water fuel kits, or in some cases I think it is referred to as Hydrogen Assisted Fuel Cells. In other words, it appears to be a DIY hybrid conversion. Is this a scam, or do some of these kits really work and are they reliable and have no adverse effects on your engine?

They’re all scams. Don’t waste your time.

By the way, I make my own fuel mileage increaser, called a Basic Reducer of fuel Intake in Cars and Karts, or B.R.I.C.K. Simply place the B.R.I.C.K under the gas pedal, and I will guarantee a measurable increase in fuel mileage. It can be yours for only 3 easy payments of $19.95.

Well it is certainly not a hybrid conversion. What it is, is a SCAM. Without braking the laws of physics, what they are suggesting will actually lower your mileage. They are trying to tell you they can add 10 and then subtract 10 and end up with more than you started with.

There are lots and lots of scams out there. Many of them target drivers who are seeing high fuel prices. You can’t pull yourself up by your boot straps no matter how hard you pull and all those great sounding scams can’t deliver either.

If you want save fuel, drive conservatively, reduce the amount you drive and make you next car a more efficient car.

Thats funny General Motors just showed a car that runs on just hho . they must be lying. o also look at the japenese car that just runs on water. mabey your scientific mines can tell them they are wrong.

                                                                       waldo 45

Sorry Waldo, you couldn’t be more wrong. GM, and no other real company, ever refers to “HHO”. That’s jargon invented by the scammers to conceal what they’re really doing. GM, Honda, and BMW are working on hydrogen-fueled vehicles, either using fuel cells (the real one, that combine oxygen and hydrogen to generate electricity), or by substituting hydrogen for gasoline as a fuel. In either case, the hydrogen comes from a tank in the back of the car.

As far as I know GM, and others, are working on hydrogen cars but have no production models available. That’s for the future and exactly what Japanese car is it that runs on water only?

Looks like the Spell Check program at your house may throw the towel in here pretty soon.

Will we ever hear from you again, Jeffrey?