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HHO - Hydrogen Injection

Anybody out there tried installing an HHO kit? I am attending an HHO exhibition/demo next week, and want to know any success/failure stories before I try it on my PU truck. See for info on the exhibition. There are a few HHO inventors/developers in my area and even a gentleman opening up a garage specializing in HHO conversions. If you haven’t tried this yet no need to respond - just looking for real experience. Thanks.

Sorry, we will all repond to your veiled advertisement for this nonsense. It does not work, period, end of story. If it did, every company using cars and trucks (think FedEx, taxis, the military, school districts, UPS, USPS, you name it) would be buying them by the thousands. Pure scam!

Oh, and I took a look at your website, contains every nonsensical statement and incorrect allegation made about HHO, all in one place. Congratulations!

I’m curious, would the injection of HHO cause premature corrosion of my muffler bearings?

This isn’t my web site - I merely heard Mr. Shea speak on a public radio station and was intrigued. He is knowledgeable, articulate, and, as I am an engineer, spoke my language. So, since it is only a 90 minute drive for me to the Fairgrounds I will be attending this exhibition to see for myself. I ask only for anyone on CarTalk with experience with this to comment here - and POLITELY please. If you think the idea has no merit, then fine, but if you can’t address the science or have installed a system like this then you offer me no help.

Fine, you want details. HHO nonsense is founded on a number of fallacies:

  1. There’s ‘free’ electricity avaialble from the alternator. Untrue, every watt of energy from the alternator comes from burning fuel.
  2. The gasoline is incompletely burned and HHO changes all that. Untrue, over 95% of the gasoline is completely burned in the combustion chamber, leaving very little room for improvement. The HHO statement seems to be founded in the incorrect interpretation of the fact that IC engines have about a 30% thermal efficiency. The other 70% of the energy released by the fuel combustion is lost as heat out the radiator and exhaust pipe, not unburned fuel.
  3. “HHO” is something special. Nope, it’s just hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) created through electrolysis.
  4. “HHO” is in some way related to fuel cells or hydrogen fueled vehicles. Untrue, they have nothing in common besides the hydrogen.

So let’s say you put this magic mason jar on your car. You use 3 units of the engines mechanical energy to make hydrogen (let’s be generous and say you can do that transformation with 100% efficiency, a gross overstatement). You then pipe the hydrogen and oxygen into your intake manifold, where it enters the combustion chamber and burns, yielding less that 1 unit of mechanical energy. A three to one losing game! What about this sounds good to you? And what type of engineer are you, exactly? This ain’t rocket science!

If you are (against all odds) actually not a cog in the HHO biz, sorry, but you ‘fit the profile’.

You should be ok as long as the optional dual O pipe is installed upstream of the muffler bearing.

This post needs to be deleted,enough of this nonsense