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I have read a lot about HHO and the benefits if done right.
Any thoughts from someone who has tried it and can be objective and not prejudiced or speculative?


Oh, good. We need yet another thread to discuss this. All of the discussions in the past surely can’t help here.

See over on the right side where it says “Ask a Question” in a red box? Scroll down a little and the word “Search” appears…Enter “HHO” and away you go…

Thanks Caddyman. Looks like lion9car spent more time on being a smart@*% than being helpful and directing me to the appropriate area.

lion9car was expressing exasperation at this topic. It’s been a mega-post topic every time it is brought up, and has been for the last 3 years.

Caddyman was just being more polite, but just as frustrated. Trust me. This whole idea has been discussed, argued, de-bunked, flamed, and thoroughly blasted. Do the search. I hope you don’t stop at the first thread.

johns, HHO is a scam, pure and simple. It doesn’t work, has been proven many times not to work, and anyone who insists it works is a thief or an idiot. It really is that simple.

Politeness is very much appreciated. That is why I asked for “Any thoughts from someone who has tried it.”

If he is exasperated, maybe he should not have read the post and replied. Just move on to a more appealing topic.

Thanks again Caddyman for directing me to the appropraite area. It was very helpful.

You cannot trust comments from ‘someone who has tried it’. They are likely salesmen pretending to be satisfied customers.

You are welcome Mr. Johns…The guys are correct…The amount of hydrogen and oxygen produced is so small, the energy supplied to the engine is insignificant…But what little energy IS produced is ALWAYS exceeded by the amount of energy consumed producing it…Basic laws of physics and chemistry…

If it actually worked then every car that rolled off the assembly line would already have it. The pubic would demand it and the Feds would mandate it.


Another reason the usually very polite responders tee’d off on you is that a lot of posts like yours are, in fact, planted by people promoting the product. Your post, OTOH, was an innocent question. Caught 'em by surprise, but you got good answers in the end.

This site is a great place to get educated.

I’ll admit maybe I was too harsh, but I just don’t understand why some posters don’t bother to search for previous threads that already contain the answers to their questions. This is common courtesy that’s normally done on the other Internet message boards that I follow, but for some unknown reason that doesn’t seem to happen here. The 101st discussion of this HHO nonsense (or using regular gas instead of premium, or coasting in neutral, or extended warranties, or the other beat-to-death topics) is just not going to add anything of value to the 100 existing discussions.

It’s because someone (pick your OP) JUST heard of this brand new system! It’s going to drastically change .

As it’s brand new, and I JUST heard about it, surely no one has ever discussed it before, I MUST be the first person to ever ask the question!

(sorry, but that’s SO true…I’m sure you already knew that)


The search function is not perfect.

I can’t speak for other message boards, but I have fielded a lot of support e-mails since I started helping out with this discussion area almost 4 years ago…and I think there are two factors at work here. The show appeals to a lot of people who don’t have a lick of mechanical/automotive acumen, and who also aren’t tremendously web savvy. So when they hear about this HHO (or Amsoil, or whatever) they go to Car Talk’s site because it feels a little more accessible, and then they find their way here. I think Chase’s scenario develops pretty innocently, and it comes up here all the time when people come here and, say, don’t identify make/model/year, or don’t punctuate, or tack on their question to somebody else’s unrelated thread. And there’s some truth to what piter says.

In this case though the search would have been productive. Are you ever going to move it to more prominent real estate at the top of the page? Right now it’s protected by security through obscurity.

Yup, you’re right. It would have been productive, and it would be better placed up near the top. I know for certain it was on the to-do list, which was pretty long. I’ll double-check on its status.