I see where the are showing you can buy a h20 or hho kit for any car or truck. Iwould like to know if you have any dealings with anything like this. and if you would recomend to try this .

waldo 45


Waldo, it looks like this is your first post at this site. Do you work for a company that makes or sells this device? This looks a lot like SPAM.

The product is a scam in search of an idiot.


Thousands have tried it. All have regretted wasting their money on useless junk.


It is your money, you can spend it as you like, but heed I recomend you abide by the answers already given.


I saw an episode of Mythbusters where they built one of these, or actually several of these. They tried their hardest to get it to work. They said they showed a slight decrease in fuel efficiency. They even went as far as to add straight hydrogen.
Any scientist that knows anything about this stuff, laughs at these products. Not sure what the guy above has to gain from saying it works, but it has been proven over, and over , and over, and over. experts in hydrogen power have looked at these, and all say it doesn’t work. One unsubstantiated report of it working from a nobody means nothing. by all means, build it yourself, the poster above I am sure would appreciate it.


Have you contributed anything to this forum other than SPAM?

The disclaimer on your web site says it all:

By using this product I understand that in no event shall Eaton Laboratory, or any persons affiliated with Eaton Laboratory including it’s supplier be liable for consequential damages, nor shall liability on any claim for damages arising out of or be connected with the sale, delivery, use or misuse of any products or information purchased from Eaton Laboratory. I, my successors and assigns, agree to hold Eaton Laboratory, and all persons affiliated in any way with Eaton Laboratory harmless from and will indemnify seller from damages caused by the use or misuse of the products purchased, or otherwise obtained. Use includes, but is not limited to use by myself or by any person(s) obtaining said products from me in any way.

If you really believed in this product, shouldn’t it come with a guarantee instead of a disclaimer? [i]Now go find an honest way to make a living.[/i]


But your disclaimer doesn’t only protect you from “misuse.” It also protects you from damage caused by USE of the products. Do you care to explain why that is necessary?


Simply because I will not sell you anything without you having the knowledge of it’s use. If you “choose” to use an electrolyte other than what I have stated you are to use or if you “choose” to connect the cell in any manner other than what is stated then you have “chosen” to misuse the product. Whitey, have you made one of these for yourself? Honestly, please do it and see for yourself. Nobody is too old to learn more about the environment around them (which happens to be mostly hydrogen). This isn’t NEW technology, it’s been around since the late 1800’s.


It’s not a scam, if people would do their homework they would find out that YES, certain cells work quite nicely. I have 2 cells running in my jeep and I have an increase of 43% in MPG

That makes you a fool or a liar. You just can’t violate the Conservation of energy law of physics. People have been making that claim for over 100 years and no one has done it yet. Not even close. Many others have created SCAMS and lied their way convincing others to part with their hard earned money. Which is it?


If you “choose” to use an electrolyte other than what I have stated you are to use or if you “choose” to connect the cell in any manner other than what is stated then you have “chosen” to misuse the product.

But those examples are really “misuse,” not “use.” You haven’t explained why you must disclaim liability from damage caused by “use.” If what you say is true, you would only need to define “misuse” as deviation from the instructions in any way. Yet your disclaimer protects you from damage caused by use. You still haven’t explained why that is necessary.


Tell me…were the Conservation of energy law of physics included in the Ten Commandments? Nope, it was something written by man himself. So what you’re telling me is that a well reknowned scientist could never be wrong? Maybe not. Maybe though his equations need to be looked at a little more closely before the whole world takes it for fact. Are you into physics? If you are then look into it…actually, DO IT rather than read about it. If you live close by, I’d be more than happy to demonstrate for you that it indeed works. A fool? I probably am, considering I’ve been in the military for 21 years now. A liar? Never. Copy the design I use. Make it for yourself. Don’t worry, it’s not patented so feel free.