Good to be back

Feels good to be back. I’ll behave now. I’ve been locked out since Saturday for some reason and looks like a bunch of the regulars are not responding too. They reset my username/password for me now so I can get in again. Had some issues too but tomorrow I’ll find out if Pontiac will stand behind the cat warranty till 80K or not. Otherwise I’m going to be eating macaroni for a while.

I had a lock out problem too…So I just clicked on the button that said to reset password…It sent my e-mail account link for me to reset the password. I was back on in 5 minutes.

I Couldn’t Get On Either, For A While. I E-Mailed For Help, But Never Got A Response.
I Eventually Broke Through Pushing Buttons, Using My Same Old Username/Password.


I had the same problem as well. I had to reset my password.
It’s good to have you back. In my case, I thought maybe someone or several someones were trying to lock me out. Mrs. Triedaq says she wouldn’t blame them.

Hello, guys. I am sorry for the login problems you experienced over the last few days. In the future, you can reach me more quickly at carolyn at cartalk dot com if you can’t access the board to post.

I was locked out, too, but I reset my password and everything seems to be OK.

Locked out on my PC, using the lap dance right now. Don’t want to change password-yet. Will check in again…

I was auto-logged out yesterday (which is odd) but had no trouble getting back in.