I have a 2002 Honda CR-V that’s been having some problems.

It’s an automatic (obviously) but when I’m in stop and go traffic it seems to stall out, and basically shuts down. I then need to put the car in park, and turn the car off and back on while I’m on the highway to get it going again.

I’ve taken it in to a repair shop and they couldn’t fix the problem…

This should have stored some fault codes in the ECU. Some parts stores will read these for free. See if you can get them read and post them here.

weak fuel pump?

To me, the “…seems to stall…”, seems to mean that the engine stumbles or something, for a number of seconds, before it, “…basically shuts down…”. Is this what happens? This way of stalling indicates fuel pressure as FALLING off, rather than the ignition (spark) as being suddenly cut off.
The fuel pressure needs to be checked in a meaningful manner. This would be with the engine under load. An engine can be loaded by placing the transmission in DRIVE, and raising the rpm to about 2000 for about two minuets. The fuel pressure would be observed during this time. Insure that the fuel pressure is checked in a manner similar to this…not just at idle (or, with the engine off).

It doesn’t appear that your vehicle has an external fuel filter, so changing the fuel filter is out (which others might advise).

If it ever idles low when you start it in the morning or when stop for a short time it may need throttle body and idle control valve cleaned.