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Honda life

I have an 02 Honda CR-V and it stalls at low rpms then hesitates to restart sometimes it takes a few seconds and fires up sometimes I sit for 3 minutes and my battery starts to die and I have to jump it . It hesitates in the morning the first start if the day but it always starts up without jumping it . It over heats a lot and this problem is when it’s running hot or normal any suggestions?

Yes, I suggest you tell us if your check engine light (or any other warning lights) is on, how long it has been on, how many miles on this car, when was the battery last replaced, what transmission and how long this condition has been happening.

If you answer all these things, maybe we can help.

The check engine light comes on and off it’s been like this for 3 months it has 206553 miles it has the same battery in it since I bought it 7 months ago auto trans

If you get the error codes read at a local auto parts store and post them in the form “P0123” that would help the diagnosis a lot.

That said, it sounds like an idle air control valve is failing. That would cause the stall but you can usually restart easily if that happens.

This is a bit confusing. The battery dies all by itself with nothing happening? Of you are just cranking the starter until it won’t crank the engine any more?

Are you going to try and fix it yourself with our help or will you be taking it to a shop for repair? If you plan to take it to a shop, head there now if the check engine light is on so the mechanic can get a read on the problems.

I’d get that overheating problem solved before running the engine for anything but test purposes.