2002 Honda CR-V 5-speed clicking, stalling, bucking, and the check engine light doesn't give a code

My 2002 CR-V has 126,000 miles. For the last year I have brought my vehicle to the mechanic numerous times because it clicks (sounds from the passenger side dash board) bucks, and stalls while driving, especially if it has been sitting in the sun, causing the check engine light to eventually turn on. When checked by the mechanic it doesn’t give a code. It seems to be electrical in nature because in the winter, even though it is significantly less of a problem, my new batteries seem to drain overnight. We have replaced both PCM relays, the air/fuel sensor, and the ignition switch. The problem remains almost unchanged. While highway driving I often have to switch gears because I will suddenly lose all power and could floor the accelerator to no avail. If I am sitting at a light, the vehicle will usually stall if I have to wait too long. Does anyone have any ideas? Please help before my dad makes me actually call.

You may have to take it to a Honda dealer and have the codes read, this will cost you but for your money, you should get a full diagnosis. There are manufacturer codes that cannot be read with a generic code reader, they have to be read by a Honda code reader.

After getting the code, there are specific troubleshooting procedures to be followed to determine that exact component at fault. Expect to pay about $100 for this service, but you can easily waste a lot more than that by replacing parts that don’t need to be replaced.