2003 Chevrolet Suburban- Stalls

when im driving down the road my truck stalls out loses all power. i pull over and prime the key forward without starting 4 or 5 times it fires right back up and goes down the road sometimes 20 mins it will stall again sometimes it doesnt stall all day long ive replaced the fuel filter 2x now and my fuel pump seems to be working just fine idk what to do now and the shops ive taken it too have no clue

Stalling when driving is usually caused by no fuel or no spark. First step is to determine which of those it is, otherwise you & shop will just be guessing. Shops have ways to determine which it is, but the problem will have to be occurring at the shop, which may be hard to do. One idea, ask shop to have one of their techs drive your truck as their daily driver. Then when the problem happens the tech will be able to determine if it is spark or fuel. You’d of course have to rent or borrow a car for your use in the meantime.

My guess is a faulty crank position sensor.

When it stalls do all the warning lights on the dash go on? Does the stereo continue to work? It could be the ignition switch or the circuitry to it if the answer is “No”.

As long as we are guessing, let’s say fuel filter and\or fuel pump.

You need a fuel pressure gauge on side of road.

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agree that you need to check fuel pressure. it needs to be within specs, and you may need to check when the truck wont start.

also check battery cables for tightness and cleanliness (do this one now- don’t wait for it to stall.)

Is the check engine light on when the truck is running?

Check the vacuum hose that comes off the fuel pressure regulator. If it smells like gas it is leaking. Not sure if it would cause your issues, but anything is possible.

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For test purposes only; remove the fuel pump relay and run a jumper wire from terminal 30 to terminal 87 in the underhood fuse box panel. Thirty is hot all the time and 87 goes directly to the fuel pump.
Test drive it. If there are no problems then the cause is likely in the fuel pump controls; relay, PCM, wiring, etc. If it still acts up then it’s likely the pump is failing and/or the pump wire connector is burning.

Do NOT leave the jumper wire in place as that will run the pump constantly even with the key off and kill the battery. This is a backyard test method only.

The reason for fuel pump controls is Federal regulations. In the event of an accident the pump should cease running so as to avoid a perpetually running pump feeding raw gas onto a fire.

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