Help me!

Basically my dad ran my 2001 Nissan Xterra out of gas and it wont start anymore, were getting fuel but no spark and we cleaned the fuel pump. we have JUST replaced the distributor and were out of things to try. Help us please.

Have you checked fuses for the ECM? Have you checked fuel pressure?

hang in there kevin. I can t help you but there are some really sharp, helpful people around here.,

No spark is a problem. Check all the fuses to anything even slightly resembling ECU, Ignition, ect. If you replaced the distributor after the car an out of fuel, re-check all the connections to it. Since you say you have no spark, does that mean to any plug?

Does it crank? How do you know you are getting fuel? Is it the right pressure?

You need fuel, air and spark to get an engine to run. “No spark” shouldn’t have anything to do with running out of fuel. Cleaning the fuel pump is the right idea, did you replace the fuel filter, too? Post your responses and we will try to help.

Is the distributor turning? Maybe it didn’t run out of gas… Maybe the timing belt broke or stripped.

The problem might be with the crankshaft position sensor.

If the computer doesn’t receive a signal from the crank sensor, the computer see’s no reason to operate the ignition system or the fuel injectors.


Running out of gas in hard on the fuel pump. The gas cools the pump, and when you run out and the pump keeps running the excess heat could damage the pump. Are you sure the pump is running and delivering gas to the fuel rail at the correct fuel pressure? If not, have the fuel rail pressure measured.

It would be a good idea to make sure the spark plugs are ok too. Lean conditions from running out of gas can damage the spark plugs. Remove them and visually check them, make sure all look the same and no unusual wear on the electrodes, no cracks in the ceramic, and the gap is correct.

Edit: Running out of gas can damage a cat too sometimes.

As mentioned above, the no-start problem could just be a coincidence too. I assume by no-start it cranks ok, just doesn’t catch and run. That could be a faulty crank sensor, cam sensor, ignition module, or coil problem.

He ran it he tried pushing it until he made it home from Connecticut we live in MD and i mean were getting some turn in the engine but It wont turn over, it gets to a point then levels off, i Know we are getting fuel because we checked the fuel pump and changed the fuel filter. and we saw gas from there, and then we checked the tube by the engine for air lock when a bubble gets in there and prevents it from getting to the engine and that wasnt the problem

The only way to check the fuel pump for proper operation is with a fuel pressure gauge. I believe yours should be 40-45psi - as measured by a gauge at the valve on the fuel rail. If you don’t have a fuel pressure gauge, then you might be able to “borrow” one from loaner tools at some auto parts stores.

Make sure power is getting to the ignition system.