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Nissan Xterra supercharged 2004 starts for 20 minutes then shuts off and wont start back till the next day

I’ve started haven this problem since I was coming home from a funeral one day and it’s been sitting since we replaced the Fuel pump but it didn’t do any better and I think it could be the distributor because it had a miss before if anybody knows anything please help me before I go buy a 200$ distributor

It turns over but it won’t start and I’ve checked the batt connections along with oil and coolant and there’s no sound except for a bit of a miss but it ran with a miss for awhile

Proper analysis for the proper repair. Would you rather keep throwing parts at it or get somebody who can diagnose it and tell you the fix. Which will be cheaper in the long run, who knows!


First things first… As @Barkydog astutely advised. What happens when you get the no start? Does the engine crank/turn over and just wont start and run…or does nothing happen? No sounds? Need to know which.

Some useful info regardless of which type of no start…

I’ve encountered loose battery cable connections at the positive terminals wing nut…the batt cable clamp to post can be clean and tight, but it also has a wing nut as well in the cable as well. Those get loose, corrode etc… Also the ground cable from the Neg post to the engine block can corrode and or become loose… Look into your connections carefully and give them both some attention…clean and tighten them…it cannot hurt at all to do this, all connects should be clean and tight, always.

The coil / distributor could be suspect…but 20 min really isn’t a long time…not long enough to get a flaky electrical component hot but… If she does turn over and doesn’t start…pull a plug wire to see if you are getting spark…

Honestly we really need to know the exact type of no start we are discussing…crank and no run…or no crank at all… no noises at all? The answers are major clues.