Nissan Xterra

As I was beginning to take of from an intersection, the car cut off. The battery is good, has gas, just won’t turn over when I try to start the car. I have gas and compression, just don’t know where I should begin to look for the electrical problem. Plugs and distributor cap are 4 months old. Any suggestions?

When you say “just won’t turn over when I try to start the car” - do you mean the starting motor is cranking the car and it won’t start? Or, the starting motor isn’t cranking over the motor at all?

You could have defect in your fuel injection delivery system, fuel pump bad, or fuel pressure regulator bad. It could be the car’s security system is not reading your “chip key” and disabling the car.

The startng motor is cranking the car but just won’t turn over. Regarding the latter part of your answer, should I go to the Nissan dealership or a garage? Car has 180,000 miles. Runs real well despite yesterday’s problem.

Nissan dealer will do the work but costs can be high. If you have a good mechanic you’ve used before he should be able to check it over. If you have another set of keys try them out, that may rule in or out the “chip key” as part of the problem.

You check ALL 6 cylinders for compression??