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XTerra with a mysterious problem!

Hello everyone,

I own a year 2000 Nisson Xterra. It started having a problem that eventually had me park it. It randomly would simply turn off while I was driving it, almost like I turned the key to the starter position. It would not start after it would turn off, but the starter would crank and crank.

I towed it to the dealer and it started right up for them. In fact, it was there on four different days without showing them any problems.

I replaced the spark plug wires, the spark plugs, the distributor, the fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injectors - all to no avail.

I drove in fear, keeping to side streets and always looking for a place to coast, almost like a plane looking for an emergency landing strip.

The check engine light is not on, and a check by the dealer using a computer did not turn up any faults.

I did manage to pull a plug wire on one of its times that it stalled and showed that I was getting a spark.

Any suggestions? It has been parked for quite a while, probably developing other problems, but this one is the key to getting it back on the road. It has 150,000 easy miles on it, and I am the original owner.

It is the 4x4 model.



OK, your getting spark, but what about fuel? Did they test the fuel pump or injectors before replacing them? Did anyone check the fuel pump relay or any of the fuel pump circuits? Hell, I’ve seen a corroded fuse holder and a corroded fuel pump circuit connector cause electrical problems like this.