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Stranded in Western MA

Hello, I’m running a Nissan 2000 Xterra with 186,000 miles on it. I’m thinking about junking the car because of the numerous problems I’ve had with it. But I was hoping the car talk guys could help me with it. It was having problems idling which have been getting worse and worse for about a week. I scanned the car and the code scanner said I needed a new O2 sensor and that it was misfiring. I replaced the faulty O2 sensor bought new plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor replaced all those. It ran better and not throwing out any more codes. But I can’t get it to run smooth. It starts, if I let it sit for a few hours, but won’t run for more than 10 miles before stalling out. While idling the rpm’s butterfly between 1000 and 700 for a few minutes and then just dies out. I have replaced the fuel filters and air filters. Also when I run it there are points when I have the gas to the floor and it won’t go over 25 - 35 mph (like it’s not getting gas). I’m at my wits end! Since it won’t throw any codes I have no idea what could be wroung with it. PLEASE HELP!!!

Have you checked the injectors?

No have not checked the injectors. I’m a rookie, with a car manual and socket set. Is it something I could do myself? And is there a way to check the injectors?

Well, there is, but it’s probably beyond where you are right now - - not that you couldn’t learn, but it sounds like you need this done quickly. I’d advise taking it to an independent mechanic and have them do it.

Well thanks for the advice and the help it is very much appreciated.

A few more details. If I let it sit overnight it will start. Then If I let it idle it will stall out in a few minutes. I’ll be able to do this one maybe two more times. Then the car just will not start it will turn over and crank but not run. Then it won’ start till I leave it over night again.

Sounds to me like the fuel pump may be in the throes of death. Check your fuel pressure at the line and post back.

Thanks I’ll mention that to the Mechanic when I tow it in. Thanks for the reply.

I second what “Mountainbike” said.

I had a 1982 Toyota Cressida with the same symptoms. Ran fine for a while, would stall out. Let it sit, and it was running again. Fule pump solved problem.