Heater Blower

Blower in 2007 Taurus doesn’t work on any speed. Should I/Can I replace it myself?

Sure! Remove the bottom panel from under the passenger side dash and look up. You’ll see the blower motor mounted to the housing with 3-4 screws.


Have you checked the fuse? The owner’s manual will show you which one it is. There are two fuse boxes, one under the hood and one above the driver’s left foot.

Before replacing it, I would make sure what the problem is. It might be a fuse, loose wire bad switch etc…

The owner’s manual referred to the fuse box inside the car. I couldn’t pull out the fuse (it’s bigger than that little tool is made for) but it looked good just shining a light on it, that is, no blackness and the wire in the fuse looked intact.

I guess I’d better take it to a shop since I don’t really have the equipment needed. Thank you for the caution.

WHOA there!

You don’t really need much equipment to test these things.

The fuse is easy to check - drivers side down by your feet. You’ll have to get down low to see it, but the box is right there. Just pop the cover off (no tools required). The cover will have a diagram telling you which fuse it might be. And on the back of the cover, if your Taurus is like mine, Ford was nice enough to include a few spare fuses AND a little plastic tool to help pull fuses out of the box. That is ALL the equipment you would need for that.

If you have to replace the blower, removing the motor and the trim panel would need nothing more than a simple socket wrench set… probably 10 or 12 mm socket - most things on this car seem to be in that range.