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1995 Jeep GC blower fuse?

My heater/AC blower quit working. Does not work with either heat or AC. I suspect a blown fuse but cannot find one for the blower. Can anyone help me?

I do not know the location of the blower fuse on this vehicle but you might check the AutoZone website repair section under wiring diagrams as they may provide a layout of which fuse goes where.

That being said, if the fuse is blown then it’s blown for a reason; probably a failed or badly dragging blower motor.

When working with any electrical problem I always use a test light or VOM and check every single fuse and fusible link from the get-go. It only takes a few minutes and weeds out all doubt.

You should be able to check for any bad fuses easily enough by using a test light probe if you don’t want to inspect them by pulling one at a time. If you have the type of blower speed control that is controlled by turning a knob instead of a few seperate switch settings then you may have a more serious problem. That type of system uses a solid state speed controller that supplies power to the motor through it. If that goes bad it can cause the problem you are having. It can also make the motor run continuously if it shorts. The module is near the motor and mounted on the ducting. Follow the motor wires and they will connect to it. The modules cost about 110 dollars if that is the trouble.