1985 Mercedes

Does anyone know where the inline fuse is located for the heater blower? Blower is not working and want to try everything before I replace… I have ye owner manual and a choosing guide, neither of which tell me where this is… I just don’t want to make any unnecessary moves… Thank you in advance!

Have you replaced the fuses, even if they look good? They can be bad, often a good idea to swap them all out on old German cars.

Is there a fuse for the blower motor in the fuse box under the hood?

I replaced the fuse nothing, so disassembled the passenger dash, gave the motor a rap and it started up, but not the air is very cool

I meant now the air is very cool

If it started when you hit it, then it is going bad. You must have a bad winding around the armature, hitting it let it move so that it was hitting a good winding. It will work fine until it stops on the bad winding again. Time to replace it !

I figured that part out, I will get a new one when this one finally dies…

If you allow this one to die then you may also end up replacing the blower motor resistor, fan switch, or wire connectors. These things work like a line of dominos with the main problem creating other problems in the chain.

Point taken, in will fix ASAP