Fuse inline to blower motor on 2001 taurus

please tell me where is the fusefinline to the blower motor located on a ford 2001 taurus

The owner’s manual tells you which fuse is which in the fuse panel but…
If you’re having an issue with the motor only blowing on high speed then it’s a thermal breaker blown in the resistor. It is mounted to the chamber under the dash with two screws and one electrical gang plug. The resistor gets replaced if this is the case.
Many tauruses ( tauri ? ) had a moisture intrusion problem through the cowl and your blower motor may also have suffered from this hence blowing the breaker. Ford’s TSB # 04-15-3 addresses the repair for moisture intrusion if needed.

Thanks, I replaced the thremal breaker and the fan motor,but, I have to tap the fan motor to get it working! every time!I have changed the blower motor twice with new motors,same result. I don’t understand it!

If there is a connector on the blower motor where the wires attach, that would be my first suspect. Wiggle the wires in the connector and see if this makes the motor come on.

Are you talking about the cabin heater motor? Don’t forget that there is a dropping resistor network attached to the blower duct … I would guess your resistor network (or it’s connections) are bad.

Since tapping makes the motor work then the trouble may be a faulty connection with the speed switch or the blower relay.

Was this a new fan motor? A rebuilt one? A salvage yard motor? It could be a bad motor winding and simply a bad or defective motor. If it is new or rebuilt take it back for another one.

See http://fcsdchemicalsandlubricants.com/supplier/tsb/04153.pdf for details! You can purchase the parts from an online Ford dealer like www.directfordparts.com When I did mine, I put about $120 in parts and about an hour in labor start to finish.