2001 Ford Taurus - blower (A/C, heat) not working; light on panel out

I just bought a 2001 Ford Taurus and for a few days the blower and A/C & heat were working beautifully but now the blower (motor?) won’t work at all. Is it just a matter of replacing a fuse or something to get the blower to work and is that something that I could do myself? Also, I noticed that the left half of the instrument panel does not light up. Is that something that I can replace myself as well ? Thanks for any help.

it sounds like a fuse blew. It is easy to replace and harder to find out why. Go to your fuse box and on the cover there should be a map of what each fuse controls. Replace any blown fuses with the same amp rating as stated on the map. Your owners manual will give you the location of the fuse box. It is probably under the dashboard- drivers side. This is the easy part. If the fuse is replaced or confirmed good and the blower still does not work it is likely a blown motor. There is likely a short circuti some where in the motor. Unfortuatly the blower is inside the dash and it requires allot of work to get at it. This job is not for a beginner. If you are experience working on cars and have a manual. Have at it.

I would replace the fuse and cross my fingers all works and it does not happen again. If it does, you may have to take it to a shop that is very experienced in electrical repairs.

Along with checking the fuses, the blower motor usually has a relay in the power line to the motor, so check it also.

Thank you. Any idea on the instrumental panel not lighting up on the left side (from my original email)?
Thanks again.