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Blower Motor dead fuse?

Had an aux. DC heater plugged into the dash and everything was working just fine for about a month. Then the blower motor stopped working. Did I blow a fuse? If so how do I locate it on my 96 F350?

Are you saying that the blower that is part of the truck’s climate control has stopped working, or are you saying that the blower on the aux DC heater has stopped?

I am sorry, I was talking about the truck’s cliamte control. Thank you.

It’s unlikely to be a fuse (the power ports and the blower are on different fuses). You can look up which fuse goes to the blower in your owner’s manual and check it anyway. It’s quite possible that your 15 year old blower motor has failed.

Thank you! I will attempt to locate the fuse. I hope it is not the blower motor. If it is do you know if I will have to take the dash apart in order to access this part?

I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think it is difficult to get to or that it requires dash removal. (It’s been a while since I have seen a 90’s model.)

Your owner’s manual may tell you where the fuses are located. Fuse boxes are often under the dash, behind a panel on the side of the dash (open the front doors to check), or under the hood.

I think that the OP was asking about access to the blower motor, not the fuse box.

Suzzana = have you checked your climate control on all speeds? Sometimes the resistor block burns out and you only get FULL (highest) to work.