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He really loved his motorcycle

Man from Mechanicsburg, Ohio gets buried with his motorcycle; A 1967 Harley Davidson Elctraglide

When I go, I’m goin’ in the kiln and my ashes are going into a 3’ long carvel planked Friendship sloop to be taken beyond the 12 mile limit and set adrift at sea. I’m goin’ sailin’!

I hand made the sloop from scratch, carvel planked over sawn ribs with lead keel ballast and fiberglass lined behind the planks. It’s totally seaworthy. I’ve already had it in the ocean.

I wonder if they’re going to encase it in concrete? If not, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit to hear someone has dug it up, ditched the corpse, and taken off for parts unknown with the bike.
It’s a very simple matter to obtain legal ownership. A legal left side engine case, one day of labor along with a few minor gaskets, and it’s free and clear.

The '67 is the second year of the Shovelhead and an original as that one appears to be is worth some $$$$.

I don’t own much of value, but even the possessions I treasure I hope that they go to someone else who will enjoy them or get some use out of them. I hope someone will continue playing my horn when I am gone. In fact, when I am no longer able to play, I want to be sure it goes to another musician. I don’t think the motorcycle in the OP is giving anyone much pleasure buried in the ground. It seems to me that it would have been better to pass the cycle on to someone who would get pleasure from owning it.

Ya know I want to be cremated, and the critter wants the triumph, the 1894 remington sxs damascus shotgun, old pocket watches etc, let her have them I say, I remember early in the days of metal detecting, a bud told me many old folks would take a wedding ring and press it into the ground at the grave, he said this will haunt you for the rest of your life, It does not haunt me, I do not cruise grave sites looking for rings, past my level of acceptable treasure hunting, haunted him, maybe, you?

The bike is worth some money. Selling it and putting the money into an education fund for grandkids would be a better idea as compared to allowing it to rot away underground; assuming someone doesn’t uproot it and take off.

I look for someone to try and steal it as well. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but sometime down the road, we’ll hear about someone digging it up and running off with it

@mountainbike, that is the best way to go I’ve ever heard! Such a great idea, I may have to ask your permission to be a copycat!

You cannot take it with you, why not leave something for the heirs to sell?

I, also, will be cremated when appropriate. And occasionally it occurs to me that the ashes shouldn’t be anyone’s responsibility. I wonder what it would cost to have someone throw them out in the Caribbean near Cruz Bay. One of the best weeks of my life was spent there.

Kind of funny at our lake in MN, family x had a father die, and he wanted his ashes put into the lake, so done, family y mother dies, now family x and y never got along and family x was so upset that family y was going to dump the ashes in the lake, now you have to understand people who moved up in 90 still feel like newcomers, sure it is a 4 mile circumference lake, but most have been in the families since the 40’s, now we almost expected the waters of the lake to start boiling over once the ashes were tossed, did not happen though to our relief.

Who was it that said my biggest fear when I die is that my wife will sell my tools for what she thinks I paid for them?

IMHO if he really loved that bike, he would have given it or sold it to someone that can appreciate it and ride it, not let it rot away and be destroyed along with his remains.

I don’t really have anyone to leave my stuff to when that day comes. One of my peeves/fears is that the few material objects I genuinely care about will be discarded or sold for nothing to people that have no appreciation for them. Of course just because something means something to you doesn’t mean that anyone else will see it that way or understand an object’s history…

Jesmed, I would feel honored to be copied.

Rod, I have the disposition of my remains defined in my will, along with my wish that the cost becomes part of the execution of the will and comes out of the estate.

If he loved it so much, he should have set it free to be enjoyed by one of his loved ones.

I’m pretty sure they would have to drain all the toxic fluids (oil, gas, brake fluid, etc.) out if it before burying it, so digging it up and riding away on it wouldn’t be as easy as it sounds. I have to admit I would hope authorities wouldn’t waste too much time trying the find the motorcycle after it is stolen. It isn’t like the guy is going to miss it.

@mountainbike, may our ships cross paths someday in the North Atlantic. :wink:

You could do what James “Scotty” Doohan had done when he died; have your ashes shot into orbit around Earth.

If I knew I could afford it beforehand, I’d have my body sent into deep space after I died. Let some alien race study it millions of years from now.

Unfortunately, some of us can’t afford a spaceship ride, only a boat ride…and if you make the boat yourself, it’s almost free. :wink:

With my luck my capsule would be hit by an asteroid before I even made it out of our solar system… there are billions of those little buggers flyin’ around between Mars and Jupiter. A whole belt of them.