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He really loved his motorcycle

I’ve asked for cremation and that my ashes be scattered on a certain small obscure lake in the Colorado Rockies that I’ve visited numerous times and have found to be a very serene place to go fly fishing and enjoy peace and quiet along with solitude.

There’s been some balking so per the usual, guess I’ll have to do it myself… :slight_smile:

Let me know how that turns out @ok.

I will keep you informed… :wink:

Post the results. :slight_smile:

@thesamemountainbike, I will post immediately after it’s a done deal… :wink:

I certainly like your method. Very cool. The only snag I can see would be if you drift into a shipping lane.
The ultimate irony would be getting run over by a container ship carrying thousands of 3 foot long wooden sloops destined for curio shelves or fireplace mantles… :slight_smile:

I would like to be dumped in the Chesapeake bay for the crabs to eat. I ve eaten enough of them.

I guess it won’t matter that much ultimately what’s done with me. Depending on your beliefs, I’ll either be moving on to other things or not conscious to worry about it. Either way, I’ll be done with the shell. Still, it would irk me to see a few of the things I care about thrown away or destroyed. Ashes to ashes though, nothing lasts forever…

I’d like to donate my body to science. I want them to harvest my skeleton and put it in a college biology lab. I want the pre-med student organization to use my skeleton as a mascot, and when they take an annual group picture, I want my skeleton to be in it, maybe wearing a top hat.

nevermind. my family would probably not enjoy crabbing anymore

The EPA and DEQ might frown upon a bloated body in the bay if the crabs weren’t first in line…

I’ve asked that my ashes be scattered on a remote lake in CO. That lake drains over a small dam into a tributary creek.
That creek drains into the Purgatory River.
The Purgatory drains in to the Arkansas River.
The Arkansas River meanders along not too far from my house here in OK.
The Ark. empties into the Mississippi so eventually I’d be sediment in the Gulf of Mexico.

It almost seems pointless to get dumped in CO just to wind up floating right back by where I live in OK.
If it wasn’t for the scenic CO river ride, I’d say just take my ashes about 6 miles up the road and chunk them in the river to save time… :slight_smile:

Actually @whitey Those cadavers in med school are treated with great respect as they are carved up by students performing various procedures. It is a little unsettling though walking into a room with 3 or 4 cadavers on tables half cut up, but it is a good and worthy cause if you are so inclined and treated very seriously by the students.

Seems mighty selfish to me,I’ll wager that Guy didn’t give that bike a second thought a few seconds before the “Final”.Some Folks are control freaks to the end,maybe though He did that to prevent squabbles over the “Bikes” final ownership.Sorry but I never did have any sympathy for peoples crazy last wishes particularly if it placed a burden on the family
Wesw,dont worry those crabs and scavengers would make short work of you, you may impart a delicate ,delicious flavor,to those delightful crustaceans-Kevin

If the fellow thinks he can ride his 1967 Harley Davidson Electraglyde in the next life, there are a couple of problems:

  1. In heaven, noise limits are strictly enforced so one can hear the harps being played. He would have to trade the Harley for a Honda.

  2. In the other place, the only fuel available is E-85 which would quickly ruin the Harley engine.

Oh boy. Reminds me of the polka tune “Ih heaven there is no beer, and thats why we drink it here, and when we’re all gone from here, our friends will be drinking all our beer”.

I just want to be buried with some clothes on is all. I’ve got to say though that I carried out my Dad’s wishes precisely and immediately in respect. I still have the duck decoys in my attic that can only be sold to another family member for $35. I haven’t found any family member yet to take them yet, even if I pay the $35.

There was some old guy back in the early 80s who asked to be buried with his stock big inch flathead Harley motorcycle. California from my hazy memory. In his case it was stated that the entire thing was to be filled in with concrete so that would pretty much rule out anyone digging it up and hauling it off. Plus a godawful lot of concrete chipping to get it dug out.

At one time I owned a right side 1939 Harley Knucklehead gas tank that someone had used as a boat anchor at one time by filing it with concrete and a chain loop through the filler neck. The tank was sold and the guy went through a lot of work cutting that tank open to clean it up. It’s rare and Wal Mart doesn’t sell them so…

I’ve got 2 antique Harleys and my request is that each of my 2 sons get one when I’m gone. My daughter is to get dibs on some of the rare Harley parts/memorabilia, firearms, and guitars. I couldn’t see being buried with any of the junk I care for most…
Why let it turn to iron oxide and jungle rot is the way I look at it.

@Tridaq: What are you talking about? Everyone knows you can only drive Priuses in heaven and the speed limit is a strictly enforced 12 MPH with speed bumps every 300 feet.

Guy could still be riding,should have been creamated and had his ashes converted to jewels-then mounted on motorcycle(whatever)-Kevin

@oblivion–I think that Honda is the car used in heaven. It is written in the book of Acts that the apostles all came together in one Accord.

No, you’re all wrong about cars in heaven. In heaven there’s free unlimited electricity. No need for gas or ethanol. Everyone drives Teslas and there are Superchargers all over the place.

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t expect to ride or drive in heaven. I expect to be fitted with a pair of wings. :wink: