If you're stumped for a last-minute gift

… perhaps that someone special in your life would like this modest little vehicle.

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Well, the engine cover is quite nice. To me the exterior styling is uninspired, bring back the styling of the 60s. Interior nice, but again being an old fogey, prefer burl walnut over carbon fiber.

Interesting that parking lot operators assume ur hauling the artists for concert. I do agree that being seen in a $400k car gets you some slack.

I think the article mentions $650K.

Owning a car like this one is God’s way of telling you that you have too much money.


Or you had too much money.


Is that $650,000 the starting price? Surely that can be run up with numerous options.

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If I was wealthy enough to afford a half-million-plus dollar car, I’d buy a $5k car, and put the rest into something which actually makes money…like dividend-paying securities, or rental property.

I remember my previous employer had a customer who I did a lot of work for, a surgeon who was worth millions of dollars and owned an impressive portfolio of rental properties. His own house was nice, but not opulent, probably worth around $400k at the time, and in the garage was a Plymouth Sundance and a Ford Aerostar van.

I am not a wealthy doctor by any stretch of the imagination, but nothing shows off success like having the confidence to drive an old economy car, live in a reasonable but modest home, and resist the social pressure to spend money trying to impress others.


We drive nice vehicles and have bought all of them because we wanted them . We also don’t care what anyone thinks about our choices . That means no peer pressure .

Also when vehicle prices calm down we plan to upgrade and it will be something that you and George don’t approve of.


I buy a vehicle because it meets my needs–both practical and psychological–and because I can afford to do so without taking food off the table. I don’t particularly care what anyone else thinks of my choice in vehicles.

I already did.


You mean something built in the 21st century? :rofl:


For those who prefer American Iron from the last century:


I never did understand the obsession people have with the first-generation Ford Mustang. My 1989 Dodge Aries is a better car in every way, offering better safety, reliability, performance, handling, and fuel efficiency. An economy car from the mid-2000’s is vastly superior still. And a Kia Rio or Hyundai Accent from the past few years would probably knock the socks off of any of these cars in all the attributes people care about (though I would not want one).

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Most of the buyers of the 1st Generation Mustangs probably didn’t realize that they were buying a rebodied Falcon, with the same limitations that the Falcon had. Luckily, Ford did upgrade and improve the Mustang many times since that original iteration.

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Someone needed to tell that doctor that there will be no pockets in his burial shroud.


That was one of my mother’s favorite expressions in her later years, and that helped to inspire me to live-out my remaining years in the manner that I desire.

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Compared to the lighter base 6 cylinder 1966 Mustang instead of the 69, it matches your 100mph top speed and 0 to 60 of 11 seconds. The cars weigh about the same. If equipped with 20 year newer radials, would handle as well if not better than your Aries. The Mustang is not as safe and requires more fuel than your Aries but sold far better. Reliability is arguable between the 2.

The biggest dirrerence between the two is there are FAR more people who want a first gen Mustang than will ever want your Aries.


The production numbers I see for 1964-1973 Mustangs are 2,979,081.

Aries/Reliant; 2,105,059 plus millions of derivatives;

New Yorker, E-Class, LeBaron, Caravelle, 400, and 600 are often viewed as K cars. Daytona, Laser, LeBaron GTS, Lancer, Shadow, Sundance, Acclaim and Spirit are based on the K car.

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Three things you should never do. Buy someone else a dog. Buy someone else a car. Or arrange a marriage for someone else.


GM commercial has guy surprising wife with dog. She ups him and gets him a new $70k truck. Just who the heck is driving it in commercial though? Did wifey buy truck with money? Whose money?