Honoring human remains (ashes)

Regarding the recent caller who wanted to honor her fathers wishes to have his ashes somehow included in his car, Tommy suggested putting the ashes in the ashtray and sealing it with plastic, just want to share that my wife and I are artists and have actually preserved human ashes in a memorial art piece using that exact technique. The only advice I have is that the acrylic resin or epoxy will eventually soak in and seal it, but it will also create air bubbles as it cures, so you need to check on it regularly as it cures so you can pop the bubbles as it cures. It really is a beautiful look when sealed. If you don’t cover it too deeply, you can touch it and feel the bumps of the irregular nature of the ash and un-burned bone fragments.

Yeah, but what’s that going to do to the value of that 62 Corvette? I think she should just keep her father on the mantel, or take the vette to a section of Route 66 and scatter the ashes while driving top down.

Scattering dad on Route 66 sounds good @keith. Somewhere around Barstow at 90+ mph while playing Nelson Riddle.

Speaking of ashes, I have accommodated over the past five years, the ashes of two good friends that I am wondering how to dispose of. It seems to be the curse of we who outlive our friends and relatives.

So I’m listening intently to any “real” suggestions .

My mom has some ashes, my dad was a ww2 vet, veterans cemetary, 21 gun salute is my choice. She is on board with that now, she was thinking the lake property, he never liked it that much as it was work not fun, plus her side of the family, the other thought of hers was a crypt available, I am let him be with his friends and warriors, including my father in law and golf buddy of his, and maybe future generations will see the massive amount of gravestones and remember how many people a conflict can affect. A funny story at the lake, Ted Van Fossen hated Betty Luger, Ted’s ashes where dumped in the lake, later Betty’s ashes were added and people waited with baited breath to watch the waters start to boil. Never happened of course.

Good thoughts Barkydog. When my older bro. passed, we left some of the ashes in the military cemetery and the rest in an urn at the club he was a member of for the past 30 years of his life. So dividing the ashes is worthwhile too. It’s the only time you can really be in more then one place at once.

Wonder what the father thought about regarding the future of the car? No future owner in their right mind will want those ashes in there and they’re going to be removed one way or the other.
It seems like kind of a morbid way to hang around and perpetuate any memories.

Ashes to ashes,dust to dust-honor the memory not the atoms-Kevin

@dagosa, what did your friends/relatives love to do? Maybe you can find a way to honor their memory in conjunction with a meaningful act.

Good question. They were both sailing friends but I am leary of dumping into a lake where we knew them…the ocean maybe. We could bury them on an island that had a popular camping ground, but it’s town owned and I would have to check…A mutual friend had suggested we have a ceremony on our committee boat prior to one of the SB races…but, ashes just float on the surface…still trying to decide. It’s really just for us as they don’t care now…

You could always make a ring or earring out of their ashes through Lifegems

A reasonably distant relative died recently and wanted her ashes spread over the lake at her summer cottage. A reasonable request, but hard to execute in January in Wisconsin. That one has to wait.

Dag, I have a suggestion.

I love sailboats, and constrcted a carval-planked 3’ long Friendship sloop from scratch complete with a lead keel ballast, functional rigging, a functional tiller, and fiberglass layering between the ribs to make it seaworthy. I’ve had it in the tidewaters at Ogunquit, and it works perfectly.

I have it in my will that when I pass on, I’m to be cremated my kids are to (1) have some of my ashes interred at the veteran’s cemetary, and (2) put the rest of my ashes into the sloop and release it at sea beyond the 12 mile limit. I’m going sailing.

Perhaps with the purchase of a small wooden boat your friend can go sailing too.

Wonderful idea. I WILL take your suggestion to heart. You have opened a whole new train of thought.
Aside; silly me I can’t get “The Viking” movie ending out of my mind now. All I can see is your kids touching the sloop, sailing into the sunset…you will already be ashes so it shouldn’t hurt too much.

Maybe the caller should get the car pinstriped with paint that has the ashes mixed-in. That would be cooler.

I think Tom is an idiot should be ashamed of himself for making fun of the woman’s request seeing as her father passed away only a few months ago.

Does anyone call into the show and expect not to be made fun of?

Cool movie ending. I always liked that Viking tradition.

Darn, I can’t figure out how to attach a picture of my boat.

I found I had to down load the picture first into the commuter into the software designed to manage it then chose the attach file on this site. Then, select the image you need to attach. I can’t do it from my iPod’s, but only from the computer.
You could also choose the image for your site name and have it appear there.

Btw, @Torinoman, I see “click and clack” is pretty much a comedy show before all else. I never heard his comments directly and you may be right he did go little overboard but once a comedian, always a comedian. Being helpful is really a side benefit.

I have the image on my computer, but can’t figure out how to get it to post.
Oh well, I guess being from BC (before computers) I guess I should expect hese difficulties. No biggie.