Hazard flasher/ Relay 2004 audi

I have replaced the hazard flasher/Relay on my 2004 Audi A6. It “buzzes” like the relay is stuck. This “Buzzing” will stop when I use the turn signals or push the 4 way hazard flasher. What could be causing this? All help and thoughts accepted and welcomed!

My guess is that one of the turn switches or associated wiring is misbehaving. When a turn switch goes bad it gets a higher “on” resistance, and this higher resistance can cause buzzing. You may have encountered this, you turn the turn switch and it buzzes rather than blinks. Then you bump the turn switch a little and it goes back to blinking. That is pretty normal, just means the switch didn’t get all the way to the detent position. In your case the “on” resistance in your turn switch (could be the flasher switch too, but less likely) must be ok, but the problem is with “off” resistance. It’s not going completely off. The switch may be sticking slightly “on” for example, when it should be completely off. Or a wire has come loose in the steering column and is creating a high resistance short. An auto-electric tech with a dvm should be able to confirm this by removing the buzzer and probing the contacts where it plugs in.

Did you use the correct part when replacing? Most cars after the mid 90s use an electronic module that looks like a relay. If everything worked more or less normally before, but this all changed when you replaced a part, I’d suspect the repair you made or the new part first.

Thanks George!
I too thought that it would be the turn signal switch. I ordered one today. When I get the parts I’ll post pic’s and let everyone know.

I’m with @oblivion, and not getting a good feeling about this. You may find replacing the switch doesn’t fix the trouble. Hopefully I’m wrong about that but I think some testing should have been done to prove the switch is causing the trouble before ordering one. One thing you could try is to disconnect the turn signal switch and see if that eliminates the buzzing. That would prove the switch is involved with the trouble. If the buzzing continues then the trouble is with something else.

Is there any way the part could have been installed incorrectly?

I found that the switch was the problem. After replacing the switch the buzzing stopped. the entire job took only about and hour and a half. The more I work on Audi’s the more I like them. Total cost was $21.00 for the switch, $7 dollars for the Torx/star bit size 55, and $11 shipping for the switch.

Thanks for the update and glad you solved the problem at a reasonable cost. The next thing you should get is a factory service manual to help you with the next issue that comes up. Ebay is a good place to find them.