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99 Sebring Convertible: Turn signal/hazard flashers don't work

The turn signals/hazard flasher on my 99 Sebring Jxi stopped working a couple of weeks ago. When I use the signal lever or press the hazard flasher switch, you don’t hear any click of the flasher relay, and the lights (front and rear, and on the dash) don’t light up at all.

So far, I have:

  • Checked the fuse
  • Replaced the flasher ($20)
  • Replaced the turn signal switch ($100)
  • Replaced the flasher AGAIN (another $20; my mechanic–who has never burned me–says that if there was a problem with the turn signal switch, it can burn out the flasher)
  • Checked the fuse AGAIN, and even replaced it (even though it’s the same fuse for the wiper/washer, and that’s still working)

I asked my mechanic about it, and he said that a bad ground can also cause problems. The big question is: where do I begin to look?

Any other ideas?


If all those components were replaced and the turn signals/flashers still don’t function, then only thing left in the circuit that can cause this is a defective body control module.


Check for power at fuse #15 in the junction block (dash fuse box) and fuse #6 in the under hood fuse box.

It should be fairly easy for a mechanic trained in auto-electric diagnostics to figure out what is causing this. It might not be easy or inexpensive to fix, true, but it should be easy to isolate the cause of the problem. It’s just tracing out the shop-manual wiring schematic is all. At some point the wiring, a signal which should be there isn’t. Replacing half a dozen things shouldn’t be necessary. It seems like you are on the wrong track on this one.

Do you have access to the car’s wiring schematic? Maybe ask your local public libarary if they have it if you don’t. That’'s where I’d start anyway.

Hi did u ever figure out the issue? Ty