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Stumped by 1994 Accord turn signals

I have a 1994 Honda Accord EX. My turn signals started working only intermittently. they finally quit completely along with my hazards. I changed the relay, and they work now, but will suddenly stop working and just buzz. The fuse is good, so what else could it possibly be? I’m a single woman and my knowledge about vehicles is limited. Is this an easy fix or do I have to a mechanic?

Try replacing all the bulbs with fresh ones.If that doesn’t work, take your car to an independant mechanic ASAP because its a safety issue.

You might want to try returning the relay for an exchange before spending money on a repair shop.

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The problem is probably the Integrated Control Unit in the fuse box under the dash.

This is what replaces the flasher unit that use to be used for the turn/hazard lights.