Loud turn signal

took your advice snd ordered a “thermal flasher” from JCWhitney. Was really looking forward to having it installed. “Wrong one, doesn’t fit” Called JC Whitney. my mechanic was right it does not work on 2005 Honda Oddessey. called mfg CEC Industries who confirmed it wont fit. Called Performance Products. Still NO . Can you think of a way to make it work or some more sources to check. Thanks,but speak-up.

Return it and get the right one?

If you just want a loud noise when the turn signals are on, how about just having him wire up a set of small buzzers between ground and the +12v wires going to the turn signals?

perhaps it’s time for some hearing aids :slight_smile:

Depending on how the circuit is wired, you would be wise to determine if a relay is needed to keep from fouling up the turn signal circuit. Too much current might blow out an expensive module.

I once had a “Love me tender” turn signal flasher from good ole J.C. for a Suburban.