Turn signals don't work but hazards so


i recently bought a 1998 audi a4 and the turn signals do not work and the cruise control does not either it is on the actual turn signal stalk. the turn signals work though. help please!

Replace the turn signal (multifunction) switch…

Before replacing anything first make sure power is getting to the areas that are having trouble.

Clearly this is an electrical problem of some sort, maybe more than one. The usual culprits are the flasher unit(s), brake switch, and multifunction switch. You can throw parts at your car and hope for the best. The correct way is to get out your wiring diagrams and your trusty multimeter and spend a free afternoon checking out your circuitry. Hmm… maybe you should just throw parts at it.

i meant the hazard lights work not the turns sorry but ya ive researched some stuff and that seems to be the answer i keep getting so i guess ill try that

Dosen’t it have separate flashers for the turn and hazard lights?

Usually the brake lights (except the middle one), the turn signals, and emergency flasher lights all share the same bulbs in the rear of the car.