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Have you seen any rare or uncommon cars on the road recently?

This week, I managed to see a number of very rare and well-preserved cars during my daily travels. A blue mid-90’s Ford Probe in near-mint condition, a silver 1980s Toyota Cressida in good condition, and a white with woodgrain sides Buick Electra Estate wagon from the 1970s or 1980s in excellent condition. What rarities have you seen driving on public roads recently?

Opel Kadett L Wagon, from about 1965 - yellow, like the Opel Kadett L wagon I had from 1968 to about 1972, my college years. What a thrill! I still have dreams about that car sometimes.

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Seen some nice snowplows and salt trucks.

Seriously anything rare or old and nice won’t come out of hiding around here until May.

I am admiring my Red1995 Toro and Orange 1972 Ariens.


Did plowing for a while, the unimog was bad as far as shifting and cleaning out alleys etc., , got a garbage truck once with a plow blade attached, sow with a plow was the nickname! Car shows and collector nights at wendys etc. are popular so yes in the summer months a few sweet cars seen on the roadways.

I saw a Chevette in the parking lot at my local WalMart a week ago. I hadn’t seen one in use for at least 25 years.

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There’s a well preserved 86 Chevy Sprint that’s parked on the street by the Chevrolet dealer every week day, you can see the outline of where all the decals were but the paint itself looks very good.

A guy in the neighborhood has a Studebaker truck in his driveway. It has a license but I’ve never seen it moving.

A neighbor has a beautifully maintained 1956 Ford pick-up in working order he pampers but keeps out on his driveway and uses some more than as just a showpiece.

Saw a nice looking ‘84-ish Pontiac Parisienne last week, haven’t seen one in decades.

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My son in law and I usually hit about 25 car shows a year, May through October. He likes cars from the 50s and 60s although I have seen way to mant Mustangs and Camars. They may be great cars to own and drive, I just see too many of them. No interest in Model As or Ts for the same reason. I might be interested in a pre 1913 Model T if it had all Dodge built components but I’m not sure if there is any way to tell.

I do know that from 1909 to 1913 Dodge had a lot more employees building Ford parts than Ford did.

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1958 Porsche 356A in medium gray. Early 70s Ford Maverick. 1974 BMW 2002 in orange.

1933 or 34 Packaed Coupe. 52?? Studebaker Hawk

Local Cars and Coffee has lots of good stuff.

It’s too cold, it’s snowing, and I don’t drive anywhere because of coronavirus. Well, I did have to go to work on Friday, but I saw nothing unusual. See above. (Sniff)

For a few months, the owners of a local Christmas Tree Farm have had a '70s era Rolls Royce Silver Shadow (silver-color paint, with a black vinyl roof) parked in front of their home. It rarely seems to move more than ~30 feet, so it might not even be functional. However, it still looks very good.

We have an older veteran in our area who drives a mint condition 1976 Impala 2 door hardtop. It’s metallic blue and has the monster gas guzzle engine.

He probably bought it when he left the military and was his retirement car.

When you don’t drive much, gas mileage is not all that important.

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There’s a nice white 356B that several of us admire when the owner’s stop by almost daily but pretty sure it’s having the annual vacation at the specialist. See it 10mo out of the year

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I saw an Opel today.
Brand new

Where are you that you can see a Brand New Opel ? They have not been sold in the US for years.

The Hawk did not come out until 56, the 2 door sport coupe came out in 53 an the 55 Speedster, that was also based on the 53-55 Coupe, came out in 55.

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I have to agree with that. At the Back to the 50’s show in St. Paul, it’s older than '64, and no Mustangs or Corvettes allowed. Suits me fine. Nothing around here till Spring. Then we’ll have to see. Even the Auto show is being planned for outside in the Spring instead of at the auditorium in late Winter.

Many persons stationed in Europe bring back their cars after their contract or tour of duty ends. Not always a smart idea.
Emission and safety specs differ and unless the car is 25 years old (a classic) it will need modifications to meet local North American needs.

A friend wanted to bring his Mazda back from Venezuela. The car was built in Colombia and did not even have rear seat belts.

I advised against it after listed all the mods need to make it street legal anywhere in the US or Canada. Not worth while!