Strange Cars


I’ve started to create a website with pictures of, and links to the most unusual cars I have seen. It’s at If anyone has any cars they think I should add, drop me an email.


- Jeff -


So far, so good. But, you should be aware that the “Izetta” (sic) is actually the Isetta, and it was apparently manufactured by at least one other company, in addition to BMW. It was an Italian design, IIRC, and BMW licensed it in order to be able to be able to produce SOMETHING that would sell in sufficient numbers so that they could survive the post-war years.


Cool site. It was good to see my favorite, the Isetta, on the site. A bit of history: the Isetta was created by a manufacturer of refrigerators and scooters and licensed for manufacture to numerous car makers. I always wondered if the single front-opening door idea came from the refrigerators.

I drove a friend’s Isetta in 1971, and it was a blast. Extremely dangerous, but we were young and foolhearty. We got that thing up to 50 mph on a flat open stretch of highway in North Dakota. A true white-knuckle ride.


Consider the Citroen 2CV. It’s not just unusual, it is unusually ugly! Hey, any Citroen is weird! But most of all, the Deux Cheveaux.


How about the Chrysler Sebring? Oh, wait, it’s not odd, just piss-poor.


Hahahaha so true!


One of the most unusual cars ever built was the Tatra, a spacious car built in Checho-Slovakia in the 40s It had a rear mounted V8 engine, and a streamlined tail. The favorite paint scheme was a light green metallic, similar to the 49 Mercury. The Tatra was what the Tucker could have been. It was a tricky handling brute of a car, but probalby the most interesting built by that country, which is only known for building boring Skodas (now owned by Volkswagen). Sorry I don’t have a photo.