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I saw a Nash Metropolitan on the road recently

I saw a Nash Metropolitan on the road recently, pink, looked new! I’d see one in a driveway every now and then, but it has to be 50 years since I’ve seen one on the road.

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Cool. I haven’t seen one of those in years.


Can’t remember the last time I saw one of those. Probably at the Back to the 50’s event a couple years ago. I looked at one of those once about 1966. They wanted $500 for it but I passed. I looked at a lot of cars that I passed on.

A couple years ago going north on 39 in Illinois, I saw a strange car chugging along. When I got closer, it was one of those old Citroens. I was impressed he was going about 65 with the thing. Everybody drives 75-80 on that road.

Don’t see those usually, possibly at the Lemay Museum if at all, Usually see a Porsche 356 that a local couple drive right about up to when the roads get icy, then it goes into winter storage.

They also mad Hudson Metropolitans after AMC was created and the last few years were just Metropolitans. You see them all th time around here in car shows.

What you also see around here in shows are Playboy automobiles. They made 99 cars total production. They were Buffalo made ( actually Tonawanda NY) and sometime 5 of them show up at car shows. They were also a small two seater.

I hope to get to tour the Auburn Cord Dusenberg museum in Auburn, Indiana some day. That would be interesting.

The Museum of Transport here in St. Louis has a modest collection of distinctive and historic cars. There is even a Batmobile on display.

Pre-Covid there were many regular car meets around the area in warm months, including a small one that meets once a month at a fast food restaurant about a half mile from my house. I assume those will start up again once life returns to some semblance of normal.

There is a very large outdoor car show every Easter in the parking lot of the Muny in Forest Park. Lots of interesting cars but a horridly huge crowd and resulting traffic jam to get through, find parking, and walk long distance to finally get to. So I’ve gone to it only a few times.

Another large show each summer is held in Kirkwood, a suburb city of St. Louis. It is more easily accessible and with lots of restaurants to sit down in, take a rest, have something to eat, and then look at more cars. It’s my favorite area car show.

There are several others around the greater metro area on both sides of the river.

About 15 years ago the Methodoist minister who was a neighbor of mine had a very slick Nash Metro in turquoise and white. Beautiful little car which he drove regularly.
He had another car which was my favorite. A slick 55 Chevy Bel Air custom in metallic maroon and cream with Cragar wheels.

That was a Bug-eyed Sprite for the timid.

I’m afraid the days of those type of gatherings are over.

Based on the article that I just read, it is very possible that Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot Covid vaccine could get Emergency Use Authorization w/in a few weeks. I am hopeful that–by the late summer/early autumn–we can get back to a more “normal” way of life.

Perhaps not exactly the same as pre-pandemic days, but… better… than the constant disease-avoidance situation we are currently saddled with.


For this year and maybe next year, but they’ll be back.


No, and it was a slightly different model, the front shorter and more similar to the back.

I saw a 2CV parked on the street recently, looked in good shape. I considered buying a Mehari in the '70s.

Sports Car market magazine had one in the fleet a few years back, it was fun but better for short trips, particularly around Portland Oregon without doors or windows.

When I was a kid, while I was on a New England vacation with my family, we stopped for a few hours at Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

While my parents sat and enjoyed an orchestra performance, I was enjoying the opportunity to see a 2CV up close and personal. Prior to that day, I had only seen photos in magazines, and to this 12 year old, to be able to see and photograph a car that was fairly rare in The US was a great experience.

Now I’m confused. I’m pretty sure there was only one style, in coupe or convertible form. They did change the grill at one point. Maybe the camera angle make it look different. How about this:

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The only changes in the Metropolitan’s 7 or 8 year run were the paint scheme, grille, and the phony hood scoop.

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