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Something you don't see every day

Vintage races this past weekend at Road America. Lots of cool cars to see. If you’ve never been, and you like old cars, you’d love it.

Bonus - this was casually parked on the street and left alone where we had dinner:

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Maybe I missed it but where exactly is this place?

The one I know is in Elkhart Lake, WI.
Haven’t been there in decades but have good memories going to races there when I was younger…

That’s the one! It’s named Road America, and it’s a really terrific track. A little more than 4 miles with lots of elevation changes and difficult corners, but 3 flat out sections as well. And at most events, you can give 'em 50 bucks and drive the track at speed over the lunch break if you’re so inclined.

It’s also close enough to Oshkosh that if you time it right, you can catch a race one weekend and then go to the EAA airshow during the following week. Did that last year. That was a very good week.

Was that an MG TC?? in RH drive? Cool!

Been to vintage races at Sebring. That one showcased Trans Am from the late 60’s into the 70’s. About 65 cars took the flag… led by an AMC Javelin! The sound was epic!

Even better. 1930’s Jaguar SS. And we’re pretty sure it’s not a replica.

Ohhh, Jag SS. Wow. Love the lines on those cars.