What interesting cars have you seen lately?

Last week, on the same day, I saw two Lamborghini Urus SUVs. No, it wasn’t the same one that I saw twice, because they were different colors.

Then, a couple of days ago, I saw a '67 Olds 4-4-2. The paint wasn’t great, but it was moving along at a good clip, and it sounded very good.

It has been a while but a LaFerrari came to a track day at Sebring Florida and ripped off lap after lap along with two McLaren 720s. A later track day at Palm Beach International saw a McLaren Senna.

Southern Florida has some very fancy cars rolling around. Since I volunteer at a Naples car museum, we get some cool cars in the parking lot, too.

MGB-GT V8 coupe, 52(?) Mercedes Benz 230(?) convertible, waaay too many Bentleys (yawn), 58 Porsche 356A coupe, 50 Cadillac 61 coupe tribute of Briggs Cunningham’s LeMans race car, none being museum cars.

A local cars and coffee showed an all original, showroom fresh, 64 Rambler wagon with 35,000 miles.

I saw an old man driving a mint condition turquoise Ford Festiva earlier this week. I hadn’t seen one of those in years, much less in such good condition. I also saw a silver 2-door Corolla from the late 1980’s this week, again in very good condition for its age. There used to be so many 2-door Corollas and Celicas, now they’re extremely rare.

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My neighbor who does not drive much inherited a mint condition, low mileage 1976 Volkswagen Rabbit from an aunt. It’s still sitting in his garage slowly seizing up.

I gave him a detailed to-do list on bringing it back to life without damage, something that surprised him to learn.

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He could consider selling it on one of the VW forums, someone there might pay a pretty good price. Making it drivable would take a bit of work, like you told them.

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Funny. My neighbor has a 78 rabbit. Not mint but he drives it once or twice a week.

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Hey, Lamborghini already did an SUV twenty or so years ago :grin:. Remember the “Rambo Lambo”? Doug Demuro did a pretty entertaining video on it. I’ve never seen either the old or the new versions of Lambo SUV’s in person, though.

Haven’t seen either in person there’s a exotic car dealer near Seattle that finds LM002’s from time to time. A little under $300,000 for the one they have now with a new set of the correct tires (Which are only made every few years)

The late Libyan dictator Ghadaffi had a desert SUV made for military patrol. Not sure if it ever went into civilian production, but it could really move in sand.

A 1948 Playboy rear engine prototype.