Has anyone here listened to the recent podcasts?

Starting this month (October 2021) the podcasts are from show tapings many years ago. I’m not sure how far they go back. I haven’t had a chance to listen to either yet, but I’m especially looking forward to the first one about the Yugo.

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I haven’t listened to NPR or related for years actually. Sometimes I’ll tune in for a couple minutes in desperation but then hit the search again. On a long drive, I’ll sometimes catch an old Click and Clack on the sat which is interesting but that’s about it.

The Yugo/s mentioned along with the Renult Alliance when a caller asks what to buy as a cheap daily driver. Might be calls from different shows but sounds like early 90’s. With new intro’s recorded by Ray. Tom mentions his 1974 Caprice classic convertible during one call.

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I have, they’re really wonderful. It’s a treat to get to put on Car Talk whenever I want, especially since they’re officially off the radio now.


Operation Desert Shield was mentioned, so that was 1990.

I did a paper in college about the Renault Alliance, so I was shocked to hear it was a terrible car. I never heard anything about the car after I turned in the paper.

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They said we wasted an hour at the end, but it was a half hour. All the other podcasts have been an hour.

Also, Boston, not Cambridge, is “Our fair city”.

I would demand a refund if I were you.

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they cut out the ads on that one.

As already mentioned by the Car Talk staff’s prior announcement, the 1/2 hour postings are mitigated by having two podcasts per week now. I still haven’t had a chance to listen to the 1/2 hour versions, but I’m looking forward to hearing about the merits and demerits of Renaults, carburetor adjustments, timing belts, drum brakes, & the like.

Merits: You don’t own one.

Demerits: People who do own one will break down and tie up traffic, inconveniencing you anyway. :wink:


About what I thought, I was starting High School about that time.

I heard him mention it but that doesn’t change things. When we got a full hour, I don’t know whether we were getting a full episode that already aired or something put together out of some material previously aired and some that was not. I still feel like I’m missing something if episodes were an hour even back then.

The new, twice weekly podcasts will be about 35-40 minutes in length. “We’re taking out the worst stuff from each show, and leaving just the pretty bad stuff,” said co-host Ray Magliozzi. Each show will include a puzzler, a puzzler answer, some great calls, and plenty of Tom and Magliozzi’s famous, and often hilarious diversions.